NU Honors 2021

Truman Scholar (NE)






  • 2021 Honors Graduate - Northwestern

  • Pursuing Law School

Miss Nebraska Vision

  • Pass Truman and Policython legislation

  • Form closer relationship between organization & state government

  • Grow brand recognition with the collegiate target audience 

End Game

  • Serve Nebraska as an Assistant United States Attorney

  • Campaign for (NE) District 1 - House of Representatives

  • Advocate for collegiate cheerleading sport recognition and protections

  • Form Nebraska-based non-profit for improved sex education to eliminate the culture of gender violence


Notable Endorsements

Campaign for
Jacob Campbell

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Hayden is a special joy mixed with a heart for truth, integrity, and a drive that won’t quit. Truly a rare gem of a gal.

- Laura Campbell

Sara Monoson

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In my 26 years on the Northwestern faculty as a scholar, teacher and department chair I have never encountered a more independent-minded, determined and resilient student. She has a sharp, clear mind, sets priorities, puts in  the time, collaborates with others in demanding yet highly respectful ways, recovers from setbacks and takes pride in producing first-rate final products.

Associate Provost
Kim Yuracko

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Hayden’s intellectual curiosity, openness to new ideas and incredible perseverance make her a joy to work with. She makes me optimistic about our country’s future.

FitGirl Inc.

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Hayden began volunteering for FitGirl Inc. in 2018 and has since given talks on girls' empowerment in the classroom and facilitated two sessions of camp.

Jeff Rice

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Hayden Richardson consistently demonstrates grit, analytic excellence and a commitment to justice whether in the classroom or beyond. If Hayden is on it, watch out. 

(NE) Unicameral

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Hayden began her involvement as a legislative intern and has drafted and pushed a bill, LB 1126. The AG's Demand an End campaign has offered her an ambassador role if she wins Miss Nebraska.



Education First​


Hayden values the critical role education plays in her ability to serve Nebraska fully. She attends a top ten university, is nationally recognized as an undergraduate "change-maker," and is pursuing law school.

Women's Sports


As a collegiate cheerleader, Hayden recognized the need to advocate for cheerleading to become an NCAA sport in order to protect athletes. During law school, she wants to study sports law. She is preparing for NFL cheer tryouts.

Nebraska's Growth

Hayden's involvement in Nebraska's growth has never wavered. Currently, she works with candidates to create a healthy state legislature. As a Miss Nebraska candidate and Truman scholar, she advocates for reformed sex ed and legislation to end gender violence.