Hayden was born in Overland Park, KS, in 1998. The '08 recession moved her to North Platte, NE, where she forged her passion for serving the state. 

Hayden began college at UNL, followed by her transfer to Northwestern. On her first day at NU, she was diagnosed with WPW, a fatal heart defect, and underwent surgery during her first week of classes. Thankfully, she is now as active as ever: a college cheerleader, political activist, and studies women's healthcare inequity.




Hayden completed her freshman year of college at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, where she held three majors and belonged to two honors colleges. 


At the end of her first year, she began the transfer process and was accepted into Northwestern University with a full scholarship. At Northwestern, Hayden is an interdisciplinary honor major in Legal Studies and Political Science. Over the next three years, she researched as a Farrell Fellow in Political Science and served as an undergraduate representative to the dean and member of the Academic Integrity Board. For her honors thesis, Hayden is researching Title IX discretion and Northwestern as a case study.


D.C. First

Truman Scholar​

Academic Research

Political Strategy

Educational Speaker

Human Trafficking Prevention


Regulated Sex Ed 

Support Girls in Education

Advocate for Women's Sports